Monday, February 20, 2012


So as a designer there are things that are just taken for granted. You travel. You get inspired. You visit the high end brand store to drool over the make, finish and the fabrics. For me, being from Australia the 1st and 3rd point are kinda hard...well, not hard but just not as accessible. 25-30 hrs away from major cities like London, Paris and NYC.... as a result i've being lucky enough to visit London and Paris a few times, but NYC i've not been so lucky....until now!

I've just spent 1 week in NYC for the 1st time and I have to say - OMG. I HEART NY!!!!

Paris, was always the city at the top of my list of wonderful cities - and it still is - but NYC is my city. Dynamic, inspirational, progressive. And lots of other adjectives....

Having spent the last 12 months in Indonesia, to come back to a big city has been cathartic. Being able stimulate my senses with new experiences is just what I needed...
Attached are a few things that got my creative juices doing somersaults!