Friday, November 26, 2010

I am about to embark on a new adventure.
An adventure that is open ended.
I have no idea what is install for me; all I know is what I am leaving behind. What helped me make my life change was the realisation that I didn't have allot to leave behind. The key things in life they say are Love,Health and Work. All the other things fit into these, friends, money etc.
I don't have a partner, I have my health and my work was not full filling me creatively. I can take my health with me!.... so there was nothing to leave behind....hence, I'm going on an adventure to find my creative soul once more and the thing that makes my work, me.

On the way I will come across inspirational things, people, scenes that will help me to realise once more why the world needs to wear "MICHAEL" such person is Gary Graham...his work makes me remember all the things I love about fashion. Its not the parties - I hate them. Its not the magazines - although i love them. Its not the shows - though i love them the heart of it, its about the art form.The genius of taking a piece of cloth and a body and making something that some wants to wear. That they will put on and feel special. Feel them. Feel divine....
These are some snaps of Gary Grahams Spring/Summer 11 collection...enjoy

Thursday, November 25, 2010

After much anticipation...I would like to introduce you to Henry, my new best friend forever.

Monday, November 15, 2010

In other news the October issue of French Vogue has a pick of these two smoking hot brothers -Adrien and Anthony Maselli who are a Parisian DJ duo and general boys about town playing electro pop from the 60's, 70's and 80's...where is my plane ticket - seriously!
So Swiz watch company swatch is about to launch a new line of men's directed watches entitled the "New Gent" collection.

In a bit of genius they have asked leading style vehicles to interpret the brief and come up with a campaign. People are then directed to their website and asked to vote for the best I did...

This Wallpaper* submission is H-O-T conjuring up some nice 80's Bruce Springsteen and George Michael memories....other submissions are from i-D, L'Official,, 1626 and Vice....just to name a few...

I forgot to mention that the below image of the Wallpaper campaign - the styling - amazing - and suddenly I remembered a fantastic ID bracelet I bought in Paris about 6 years ago at a flee market. I'll post images shortly -but basically I'm now going to incorporate one into my wardrobe on a regular basis....