Thursday, March 29, 2012

ANIMAL BEATBOX - Tropfest 2011 Winner (TSI: "Key")

So for those of you outside Australia you may not have heard of Tropfest. Tropfest is an Australian short film competition which is in fact the worlds largest short film festival. It was started about 10 years ago in a small cafe in Kings Cross called the Tropicana Cafe (hence the name. And which BTW when I lived in Sydney use to die for their Trop salad for lunch). Its and annual competition and every year they have a theme or a word as inspiration. 2011 theme was Key.
Attached is the winner of last year. I just love it.

Friday, March 23, 2012


I love Amanda Lepore.
I think she is fabulous.
I'm alway interested in knowing where people have come from and how they got to be where and who they are today. Little is documented about her though. From Wikipedia I found out she was born as Armand in Cedar Grove New Jersey, and from a young age she knew she was supposed to be a girl. At 17 she had a sex change and got married and lived a suburban life until she left for NYC.
Before and after pics and transformation pics always interest me also, but again there is only one pic i've been able to find of her as a young woman.
In any event I came across these pics from Tush Magazine in
2010, shot by Marcus Ohlsson entitled "She's them all" SO SO good...i've popped in a couple of the originals too for a bit of a look-a-like comparison.