Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Mina Mazzini by Piero Gherardi 1966 2°

Lets take a moment to admire the genius of Mina Mazzini. A true diva, this Italian icon was WAY before her time, even diva Barbara Streisand herself references Mazzini as moulding modern music. Have a look at these pasta commercials from the 60's. Riddled with incredible Roman Haute Couture and a majority of it filmed on the roof of Central Station in Napoli.
Her voice is incredible, the frocks and make-up are amazing and the is location is truly spectacular.
Noted as being the first woman to shave off her eyebrows and sport the "sad eye" eyeliner and make-up, the shots to follow from the 70's also kill the theory that it should be eyes OR lips, not both.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Totally loving orange at the moment and fluro yellow. Great summer colours. I want this Huxley Orange belt teamed back with Hawaiian shirts with cut off sleeves and striped shorts...I like a polka dot scarf back with that too - massive into clashing patterns. And of course Michael Hockey Huaruche sandals in Tan. Then in winter i want it back with multicoloured melange knits, charcoal pants, a lead coloured leather jacket and the Michael Hockey Bruegel Boots....Available on-line at (also a soon to be stockist of Michael Hockey footwear!)
Final pic coming soon! Stay tuned - they look amazing!