Wednesday, May 16, 2012


As one chapter ends one more begins...Final steps of my move to Bandung where we now have our factory. Amazing shoe makers, access to some of the worlds best leather and a brain full of new ground breaking ideas...Summer will hit stores before you know it in the southern hemisphere and for the first time we have tailored our Winter collection to co-incide with the northern fans of Michael Hockey with have 24 styles available to them at the same time! Not to mention the colourways!

We start selling Winter in NYC in July so spread the word! This is our first foray into the US market, but after a successful dip in the pool in February New Yorkers are yelling "ITS ABOUT TIME MTHR FKERS!" And we are SUPER excited.

Were keeping the styles close to our chest for now, but jump onto for the moment to check out and purchase our current winter will not be disappointed.
Infact this month we have a competition running in Australia with email the longest list of songs with the word "shoe" in the lyrics for your chance to win a free pairs of shoes. There are five pairs up for grabs, so send your entries now to

Check out our awesome shoe makers below. Loves it!