Monday, January 23, 2012


I love seeing great design.
I love how everybody interprets things so differently.
I love to see how peoples design processes work and especially the re-interpretation of something we take for granted. More still the use of an inanimate object and turning it into something of beauty.
For instance the post I made back in April last year of Jennifer Maestre's work. Making sculptures out of small sharpened piece of pencil.
I found yesterday amazing rug sculptures made from objects usually discarded. Band aids, cotton buds, clothing pegs, the result is spectacular.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm in 2 minds about fashion. On one hand i'm thankful that consumers feel the need to buy the latest and greatest each season - as it keeps me in business. But on the other hand is all this consumerism really necessary? We all know the answer is.....actually I cant decide! I guess it isn't, but we work hard and deserve beautiful things, so yes it is!

Something can be said though for oldies but goodies. We all have them. Pieces we've had for years that we just love and cant part with. An old t-shirt, pair of shoes, jeans...My sister went to America for a year when I was 9. She use to send me little parcels of goodies from the other side of the world that I'd never heard of like Reeces peanut butter cups, Candy Corn, Nurf ball. Once she sent me a t-shirt for the Oregon Ducks Football team. I absolutely loved it. It was grey marle with a yellow and green print, with a donald duck type cartoon. I had it for years and one day it vanished. I think my mum probably tossed it as it was thread bare. I still think about it.

Friday, January 13, 2012


In recent years theres been a lot of movement in the way collections are presented. No longer are there clearly defined Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer....this is good news for me. At MICHAEL HOCKEY we are aiming to set up our collections as season less. This is due partly because our company is based in the Southern Hemisphere, but our product is bought globally we want to ensure all our followers can buy all our styles anytime they want. Because, lets be honest, none cares if its this season or last season - if you love it, you love it.

Speaking of loving it, I am very lucky to be freelance designing for Indonesian based brand Lily Jean. After a wonderful response to the last collection, recently showcased in Brazil, I've been invited to design the upcoming collection which will be shown in either San Paolo or Rio fashion week in June....very happy about that trip!

In my research for the upcoming season I've come across beautiful collections. Notably from Chloe, Preen,Roksanda Ilinic and are a few of my key look images....