Sunday, March 27, 2011

While searching the internet for inspiration I came across this beautiful image

Unfortunately i have no origin except for the title Geil Magazine??

I was also unfortunate enough to see Red Riding Hood. What a horror of a film- BUT what was great was the costume design by Cindy Evans who also did costumes for a long list of forgettable films...
The wood chopper (Peter?) had fantastic hand stitched boots and leather shirt

Also in the crowd scenes the colour palate of the towns people in the defused foggy light was stunning - these unfortunately are BEFORE the fog - but just squint a bit.
In other you know I went to Bali for a lil holiday - fell in love (with the place) and made some shoes - which turned into my line - well the below image is the first shoe I designed! Frustrated with the lack of interesting mens sandles that are not $1000 Lanvin ones...I came up with these... what do you think?

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