Friday, April 29, 2011


Lets take a look at men's fashion imagery that is competing with the woman's dominated fashion scene. After all...menmakefashiontoo......
This beautiful image is manly, haunting and modern. He almost looks like a male Abby Lee Kershaw. The sexy alligator skin glove, with a hint of hair and the snipped thumb is so hot i can hardly stand it.
This is reminiscent of my post last month of the models standing on the cement wall all in shades of red. The shattered light creating angles on his body and exposing the hued stripes is magic. I also love his solid eyebrows and block coloured outfit. Again the hint of hair on his leg is very sexy.
The placement of his hands is almost a small sign of hurt implying that the echidna spikes are growing out his back - very black swan - if it was a male lead in the film. Pushing through the knit is a great juxtaposition.
This is stunning. I'm not adverse at a bit of photo shopping. This is reminiscent of this Stella McCartney's campaign from Spring Summer 2009. I love it.
I love to see menswear being pushed. The skeleton rib print on the tank, and the leg bone body art is hot - and those gold bone shoes are amazing. Off set this will a fur shrug, sheer striped shorts and a metal head piece and this is a look not to be messed with....lets add a fab ring too just to complete it. DELICIOUS.

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