Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mina Mazzini by Piero Gherardi 1966 2°

Lets take a moment to admire the genius of Mina Mazzini. A true diva, this Italian icon was WAY before her time, even diva Barbara Streisand herself references Mazzini as moulding modern music. Have a look at these pasta commercials from the 60's. Riddled with incredible Roman Haute Couture and a majority of it filmed on the roof of Central Station in Napoli.
Her voice is incredible, the frocks and make-up are amazing and the is location is truly spectacular.
Noted as being the first woman to shave off her eyebrows and sport the "sad eye" eyeliner and make-up, the shots to follow from the 70's also kill the theory that it should be eyes OR lips, not both.

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