Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm in 2 minds about fashion. On one hand i'm thankful that consumers feel the need to buy the latest and greatest each season - as it keeps me in business. But on the other hand is all this consumerism really necessary? We all know the answer is.....actually I cant decide! I guess it isn't, but we work hard and deserve beautiful things, so yes it is!

Something can be said though for oldies but goodies. We all have them. Pieces we've had for years that we just love and cant part with. An old t-shirt, pair of shoes, jeans...My sister went to America for a year when I was 9. She use to send me little parcels of goodies from the other side of the world that I'd never heard of like Reeces peanut butter cups, Candy Corn, Nurf ball. Once she sent me a t-shirt for the Oregon Ducks Football team. I absolutely loved it. It was grey marle with a yellow and green print, with a donald duck type cartoon. I had it for years and one day it vanished. I think my mum probably tossed it as it was thread bare. I still think about it.

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