Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So MICHAEL HOCKEY Fall/Winter collection has been designed and sampled! I cannot wait to show the world...I'm very excited I think its our best collection to date. What I'm even more excited about is photographing the campaign. I've been very lucky to recruit the skills of photographer Alessandro Luppi to capture the collection. Alessandro is an Italian photographer who was a model himself for 15 years. Check out his work
Today we are casting the model. I can't give too much away about the concept, but I can show you the short list for the models.
Siran is a local model, half Indonesian half American and a relative newcommer with a fantastic fresh faced look.
Keerti has been modelling for 15 years and has been the face of many big brands including Kenzo and Pringle of Scotland.
Richard is a catwalk model from the States with a fantastic look.
Vote for your favourite - who would you like to see in MICHAEL HOCKEY????


  1. They are all amazing! Looking forward to seeing the Michael Hockey and Alessandro Luppi campaign collab! x

  2. Im gonna say how proud I am of you AGAIN XXXX

  3. Siran has my vote...but then i am usually distracetd by shiny things!!!!