Sunday, June 12, 2011


Stewing with ideas for the next summer collection, I am determined to do some moulded rubber shoes. Everyone remembers the old 80's jelly sandals and how they have had a rehash, I think in part due to Melissa Australia's reinterpretation and modernisation of the moulded rubber shoe.
They are all over Asia, with the local men wearing brown funny styled versions.
Westwood has done it,
Margiela has done it,

CROCS almost KILLED IT!!! And shoe brand Native Shoes specialises in it. Luckily enough I am test driving a pair of native shoes in Lilac...
....but stay tuned for the MICHAEL HOCKEY version for next summer - guaranteed to be hot, hot, hot.

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  1. Have you seen those sporty ones that are a cross between crocs and vans?
    They kinds look like (above) white ones.
    Me likey xxx