Monday, June 20, 2011


There is something very special about things that are handmade. In this day and age there are very few objects, garments, products that have a personal touch. People are too busy to make handmade cards or bake a birthday cake and when it comes to the clothing industry, fashion moves too quickly in the mainstream high street markets to allow for the time and care of an artists touch. Of course high end clothing labels demand the price tag for their wears as their work is meticulously handmade.
At MICHAEL HOCKEY we pride ourselves on our product being entirely handmade. Our lasts are hand carved, our uppers are hand cut and sewn, our soles are hand stitched and glued, our boxes are hand made and printed, our metal stamps are hand cut, even our shoe horns are hand made! We are passionate about keeping the skills of these artisans alive. We're even stamping it on our shoes so when you get your hands on them you can feel a little tingle that your keeping small business alive and supporting artisans across Indonesia.

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